How The EASI Gravity System Lobster Tank Works

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  1. Clean water is continuously fed into the tank.

  2. Surface Skimmer. The water from the tank spills over into the surface skimmer, which feeds the water through a mechanical filter. This filter removes unwanted particles and debris. The water is taken from the top of the tank to provide oxygenated water to the bio filter area.

  3. Biofilter. This area is made up of many high surface area 'bioballs', and they are kept wet by the continous flow of water over them from the surface skimmer. The bioballs provide ideal growing conditions for benefical bacteria, which clean the water of biological impurities.

  4. This area provides an overflow capacity, so that if there is a power failure, the excess water from the tank flows into this area.

  5. The pump. This unit drives the water through the system.

  6. The chiller. This unit, which is optional, depending on the specimens kept, will cool the water to an ideal temperature.

  7. The cleaned and conditioned water is then fed back to the tank.