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Gravity Flow System Lobster Tank

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example of Gravity System Lobster Tank
detail view    how it works

The Gravity Flow System is a standard acrylic wet/dry filter system that utilizes high surface area bioballs that grow beneficial nitrogen removing bacteria that neutralizes the waste created by the specimens. The filters are designed to have the largest aerobic filter area possible. There is also a portion that has a slight amount of anaerobic area that grows a very efficient strain of  Nitrobacter bacteria that helps in the control of ammonia. The filter also has adequate room for a pouch of activated carbon that can be used in times of high capacity. The water is fed off of a surface skimmer that feeds the filter with highly oxygenated water. After the filter the water is delivered to a pressurized heat exchange unit (Chiller)* with titanium coils that will easily maintain a temperature of 6 C or less. The size of the chiller will depend on the volume of the unit. The pump used in our products is a high capacity, no nonsense, industrial unit that will last for many years.

* The chiller is used for cold-water lobsters only.

Pressurized System Lobster Tank

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example of Presssurized System Lobster Tank
side view    detail view   how it works

The Life Support system is fed from the aquarium from both a surface stand pipe as well as a bottom sump drain. The surface skimmer provides the biological filter with highly oxygenated water for maximum efficiency. The water is then polished by means of particle filter before going to the Bio-filter. The bottom sump intake catches the large pieces of waste from the specimens keeping the bottom of the tank clean at all times. From the bottom sump, the water is fed by means of high capacity pump to a pressurized Bio-filter that contains the same media listed above in the Gravity filter. The sump has a coarse, disposable filter media. This filter can also be used with carbon. After the filter the water is delivered to a pressurized Chiller unit* the same as the Gravity system. The advantage of the Pressurized System is that a bottom intake drain can be used to keep the bottom free of debris with out concern for spilling or filter overflow caused in the event of a power interruption.

* The chiller is used for cold-water lobsters only.

Open System Lobster Tanks

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In an Open System, the water is taken directly from the ocean, filtered for clarity and delivered to the tank. The runoff water from the tank is returned to the ocean. This makes for a very easy system to maintain, but obviously this is only possible when the tank is located in close proximity to a clean source of sea water. The filter used is typically a large capacity sand filter that is easily backwashed. The size of the pump and filter are usually large by comparison to a closed system and are determined by the size of the tank needed. We usually recommend that these tanks are installed by our trained staff and divers. how it works

Open system figure 1

Open system figure 2

Stand Options

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All of the tanks described above are available with a stand made of wood or steel.

Wooden Cabinets

We can fabricate very fashionable cabinets from a variety of materials. We use only high quality laminated plywood’s such as Oak, Mahogany, Birch, as well as Melamine finishes. The interior of our cabinets are completely treated with Epoxy resin that protects the material from the moisture present as well as any spillage. All fasteners are Stainless Steel and all metal gratings or components are 316 Stainless.

Steel Stands

Our steel stands are good quality steel that has been Powder Coated on all surfaces. The coating is a bake on preparation that is very durable and salt resistant, it is available in a large variety of colors. The bottom shelf that the equipment is mounted to is a composite material of marine plywood that is fibreglassed and treated with epoxy to several layers. This system provides a completely water resistant and very durable interior shelf. The sides of these stands are fitted with ventilation panels to allow maximum air flow and cooling capacity. The front of the stand has a pair of sliding doors from a PVC material called Cintra. It is not as static prone as acrylic and comes in a variety of colors.

Tank Sizes

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Most of the tanks we create are on a custom basis, as we specialize in custom made mid to large size aquariums. We can fit our tank to your exact size specifications.

Description Gravity Flow Pressurized
60 gallon (48x24x12H) $7000.00 $7500.00
90 gallon (48x24x18H) $7500.00 $8000.00
120 gallon (48x24x24H) $8100.00 $8500.00
90 gallon (72x24x12H)* $10,200.00
135 gallon (72x24x18H)* $10,800.00

Our custom tanks are for all purposes 
from a variety of materials.
Prices include steel stand

All Aquariums have a one year limited leak-proof warrantee.
Framed tanks have floating bottoms.
Unframed tanks MUST be placed on foam.

All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.
Prices are FOB our shop in Winnipeg
Crating and freight are extra

*Larger Tanks:

In aquariums that are 72” long or larger both the Gravity and Pressurized systems are utilized. In these aquariums the surface skimmer delivers water to the wet/dry filter and the bottom sump intake delivers the water to a Pressurized 35 square foot particle filter to keep the water polished. The large tanks use two separate pumps allowing both systems to work on the water  independently of each other all the while being able to contain the water in the event of a power interruption. The chiller used in these tanks will be of suitable size to chill the volume of the tank to at least 6 C.

Please see the order information page.

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