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42 gallon reef aquarium installed in Belize
with native fish and invertebrates

Our reef to resort service allows resorts located in tropical climates the advantage of having a good supply of fresh live rock and the best selection of marine fish. This can literally save thousands of dollars in a large aquarium. Also notable is the quality and health of specimens collected nearby. I have never seen live rock shipped to Canada in as good a condition as what is obtained from an hour away.

With a unique filtering process we have been able to safely remove undesirable biological material in natural seawater thereby allowing it to be used in a recirculation system.

We have years of experience and an excellent familiarity with all marine fish and invertebrates so will only capture strong healthy specimens that are well suited to aquarium life. Large fish with agressive or migrating behaviour as well as hard and soft coral will be left to flourish in their natural environment. Preserving the natural habitat of the reef while displaying and educating about it is the primary consideration of this program.

Prior to any collection the natural resources department of the country in question will be contacted and all necessary permits and or permissions will be handled by our firm.

Both tropical and temperate freshwater fish can also be maintained in one of our tanks for either display or food purposes. Previous systems have been made for trout, walleye, sturgeon, artic char, and tilapia.

All aquariums include:

  • Submersible pump (AC DC or both)

  • Submersible heater

  • Light fixture(s) as required

  • Biological filter

  • 6 month supply of maintenance products and food.

Please see the order information page.

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